Welcome to the Flood Forecasting Centre

Rain in London

The Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) is a partnership between the Environment Agency and the Met Office, combining our meteorology and hydrology expertise into a specialised hydrometeorology service.  The centre forecasts for all natural forms of flooding - river, surface water, tidal/coastal and groundwater.

What does the FFC provide?

With a dedicated team in one national centre, we provide the best possible intelligence and support to the Category 1 and 2 emergency response community and Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales flood warnings and Met Office weather warning services for England and Wales.

Combining weather and flooding expertise

By combining our knowledge and experience, we are vastly improving our ability to deliver longer lead time flood forecasts and more accurate, targeted information to the Category 1 and 2 responders who have roles and responsibilities in handling emergency situations.

Giving more time for responders to act

By working together, we are producing flood forecasts that are clearer, more consistent and targeted, giving our customers longer lead times and greater accuracy so that they can be better prepared for flooding.

This earlier and better communication of flood risk enables national and local responders to support the public and local communities at risk of flooding. This provides people more time to take action to protect themselves and their homes and businesses from flooding.